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RE: Problems

Hi all

I've run into a very similar problem recently, and I agree that
there seems to be a gill problem. I used a medication available
in Canada called lifebearer that is a suggested treatment for
gill flukes and parasites like anchor worm. It seems to have
worked - unfortunately I lost about 25 A. hongsloi red before
I tried this one. I don't know what the active ingredients are
in the medication, but when I get home this evening I'll check
and see.

Dominic Stones
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>Date: 10/23/01 7:36:39 AM

>Hi everyone. I'm writing on behalf on Colin Gorton, who's having
>getting connected.
>He's having some problems with his Cichlids and he's a bit worried.
>What is happening is that every so often one fish will, over
the course of
>only 24 hours, stop feeding, go up to the top, start gasping
and then die.
>These are remarkably similar to the problems that Chris (Jewell)
was asking
>about, except that these fish are going to the surface rather
than sitting
>on the bottom.
>Thee are no prior symptoms that have been noticed, and there
appears to be
>no pattern to this.
>It has occured with A. steindachneri, nijsseni and bitaeniata,
in at least 8
>different aquaria. No other types of fish other than Cichlids
appear to be
>He only has a limited range of medications available to him.
>He is very worried, as it took a while to obtain some of these
fish and so
>they represent quite an investment in time and effort by him.
>He has looked at a recently dead fish under a microscope, and
he says there
>was something on the gills that didn't look right, but he's
not sure about
>what it was (he hasn't got access as big a library as he'd like).
>He has treated with Sterazin but no no apparent effect.
>Any ideas?
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This is the apistogramma mailing list, apisto@listbox.com.
For instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe or get help,
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