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Geo. brasiliensis

thanks for the responses re: this species and the complex that is also confusingly enough named such.  

the reason i ask is because i was recently in brazil, and we went seining one day in the south, near Sao Paulo, and we caught some babies, which were identified by my companion as G. brasiliensis.  a member of the labyrinth-fish list from holland was in Recife, in the north of brazil, and also collected some G. brasiliensis and i'm trying to figure out if this species is widespread or they are different species.  anyone know the exact range of the species and the complex?  thanks.

tsuh yang

p.s. the trip i took was not a fish trip, and i did not bring any back, although i really wanted to.  we caught in addition to the baby Geo., 2 types of Poecilia, lots of Corydoras, several tetras, glass shrimps (some with long pincers), a small crab, and a baby eel.

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