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Re: Ram fragility

Yeah Brian,
  I know what you mean. I've got a little more time on my hands though so I keep an eye on that. Your in Ohio so you really have a lot available out there. I got my Rams from some breeder friends when I was in Ohio. Here is Philly we really don't have much in the way of quality dwarfs of any type.

  My first spawn was in a 20 long and the parents (both) took real good care of them. The first parent to try to snatch a fry was the male. The female started to chase him.
I removed the male. About a week later the female just didn't look interested anymore to me that's a sign of time to get her out. Now that 20 is full of really fast growing fry.

  Now the next spawn took place in a 10. This time male started to chase female right after eggs were fertilized. Male is now taking care of wigglers and he will be watched and removed as soon as necessary.

  I believe in the RO/DI. Philly has over 225 TDS tap water. I use only a TDS meter and I keep their temp up to 85. Works real well. And guess what, here's opening a can of worms I don't even check the pH.

  Don't blame me my main Teacher is Zman yell at him. But, I've had over a dozen different types of both SA and West African spawns since August of 2001 following this method. So like most fish guys will say in the end. What ever works for you.
  See my fish never went to college so they don't really know how their supposed to act.<G>