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Tiger Stripe?

While in Britain at Christmas I was offered (and accepted) some Apistos going by the name Apisto sp. Peru. They were of two distinct forms, both with 3 thin diagonal lines running down the abdomen, somewhat like A. Gibbiceps, but not with the broad lines that I've seen on Gibbiceps. The differentiation between the two is that one has the diagonal lines running from the lateral dark line down to the stomach and the otheer has the line running from half way between the lateral line to about half way down the stomach. It would certainly seem to be that they are distinct species(varieties or type localities?), though I can't be sure. The body dhape is higher than that of the Pertensis group but longer than the likes of Nijsenni. In all a very atractive fish. I can't give any better description at the moment because the fish still haven't arrived (they'll do so next week (keeping fingers crossed.)
I was speaking to Pete Liptrot about these and he came up with the name A. sp.Tiger Stripe. Not having heard this name I'd like to know whether anybody has had these and what happened with them.
At the same time I managed to get some mouthbrooder Apistos, I know that there was a thread about these just before Christmas and it got me interested. If anybody has anything further to add to that discussion I'd like to hear it.



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