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Another slightly off topic (Dwarf Pikes)?

I don't know whether Dwarf Pikes are an acceptable subject on this list, but here goes...
While on the same trip as I mentioned earlier I managed to get hold of some C. Notophthalmus, very nice but a bit timid as yet, I think I need more dithers. They're also pretty finicky eaters and are only really happy when they get Guppies for supper;-). Unfortunately my population of young guppies is rapidly dwindling (at about the same rate as the girth of the Notophthalmus is increasing), so I've had to suplement with frozen food (I know there was some doubt about the healthiness of my frozen food but I reckon my probs came from elsewhere). I've reserved a few of my guppies so that I can hopefully get a pretty consistent breeding rate going, the older ones make great dithers too (so long as they're big enough to avoid being eaten!)
Pete L. suggested that I get in touch with the South American Cichlids list for these and other Pike Cichlids, does anybody have a link to this list?


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