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Re: Another slightly off topic (Dwarf Pikes)?

In a message dated 16/01/02 14:55:52 GMT Standard Time, 
mr_apisto@graffiti.net writes:

>  While on the same trip as I mentioned earlier I managed to get hold of 
> C. Notophthalmus, very nice but a bit timid as yet, I think I need more 
> dithers. They're also pretty finicky eaters and are only really happy when 
> they get Guppies for supper;-). 

I purchased a pair of C. notopthalmus (probably from the same place as you 
got yours if you know Pete) and found them a bit timid to start too. I solved 
the problem by having a VERY densly planted tank with lots of bogwood and 
some Dwarf pencils as dithers.

Well you can guess what happened - no more Pencilfish (even though they were 
more than half the length of the pikes).  I've put some Hypessobrycon 
robertsii with them now and they are fine.  The pikes display to each other 
and to me when I approach the tanks and are far from timid.

As far as food is concerned they take frozen bloodworm, omega 3 brineshrimp, 
grindal worm and white worms.  when the ground defrosts I will be trying 
earthworm too.

Alan W

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