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Re: ram fry, sigh

Thanks for the info, and for assuring me that I am not boring anybody.  I did 
try to find specific answers at the krib but I must not have searched quite 
right.  The fry are a week old and have pink bellies from the bbs I fed them 
this morning, so things must be okay.  Now, I just have to set up to steal 
some eggs from my blue pair.  You guys with all the experience have so much 
to teach the newcomers.  Thanks again, Teresa.
ps  I am 37 and have kept fish since I was 17 off and on but only got into 
dwarf cichlids and difficult fish in the last two years.  I had not bred any 
fish except livebearers until this year.  Now I have juvenile cacs and 
borelli fry and now rams. 

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