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Re: ram fry, sigh

I am new to the list, but not too long ago I saw a presentation by Al Casrto, 
who broke down bbs. Apparently, there are 3 types of bbs eggs. The largest is 
Utah, which is 3 times larger than San Francisco, which is 3 times larger 
than Southern Hemisphere eggs (the smallest). He was using these for tetra 
fry, which are, in general, pretty darn small-mouthed. I don't have any 
suggestions where to come across them, but I believe that they are pretty 
hard to find and expensive.
I have found that Rams can usually take bbs of the SF type right away, if you 
take care to harvest them in about 18 hours. In addition to (the other 
suggestion) Java Moss and general infusoria from a sponge filter that is 
already in the tank at mediocre levels, this can usually support the food 
requirements of Ram fry during the crucial first few days.    Neil

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