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Re: ram fry, sigh

The two ram collecting sites were about 75 kilometers apart, in a straight
line. One site was near Piacoa in the southern Orinoco Delta. This was the
stream. The stream did not have any plants in the water and the bottom of
the stream was a firm sand. The area around the stream was grass and thorny
bushes that hung over the stream. The rams were large, about 2+ inches and
very colorful. Intense reds and blues with long black lappets from the front
of the dorsal fin. Along with the rams we caught A. hoignei, leaf fish, and
some sort of eel.
The second site was a man made watering pond, I think for livestock. There
was no shade and the surrounding vegetation was short dried grass. The pond
was shallow with lots of cabomba-type vegetation matting over the water.
There were many rams but no other fish. These rams were smaller, less than
an inch but were very intense colored. The females had lots of gold speckels
on the sides. No extended lappets. All these fish had hollowed bellies.
Rams did not travel as well as the various apistos. Got a few home but they
did not last long.

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