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Re: N Taenia egg eating!

I don't want to use pure RO as I'm adding CO2 and want to be able to maintain a constant pH, which I've found to be easier with a small amount of hardness. I have a peat/black gravel substrate which tends to balance things up and allows the plants to do well. Unfortunately at the moment I've got rather a lot of algae on the glass but I don't want to do anything about it for the moment cause all the aquaria are still settling in after rebuilds around the Christmas period. Within a couple of months I'll have them all clean. BTW I'm using MH lights, some home made others shop bought. This allows me to have lots of floating plants, mostly Eichornia Chrasipes (water Hyacinth) but also lilies, Pistia Stratiotes (water lettuce) and several plants which are growing out of the water, feet in it.


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