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Re: N Taenia egg eating!

Why are yoiu using a CO2 system if you have water with
oKH to begin with Colin? The lower the KH the higer
the CO2 level. AS long as you dont churn the water
with some power filter or something you should be
fine. I am not saying CO2 does not work I am just
saying with a KH of 0 the need fopr CO2 the need for
CO2 is far less greater. In addition Colin if you
aquaruim plants are thriving as you say they are, they
will also serve to maintain the pH. As they grow and
utilize more CO2 the pH will rise because they are
using more and more CO2 and thus there is less
available to form carbonic acid (which is used to by
the pH equation to form an acidic pH) This can be
illustarted by two examples. I have a good buddy who
has a lake on his property. The lake has a
counductivty of 70 us/cm, 0 DH, 0 KH, and a pH of 6.5.
My friend pumps this water to use for his tanks and
ponds. When the water is put in a 10 gallon barebottom
tank the water quickly drops to a pH of 5.5 or less.
In contrast if he puts the water in a heavily planted
tank the waters pH will be much higer as the plants
are using up the CO2. 
Another example is my well water counductivty of 15
us/cm or less 0 DH, 0 KH, and a pH of 4.5. When i add
this water to a heavy planted tank it rises very
quickly to a pH 6.7 in my main show tank that has 2
175 watt MH and 2 power compacts. The plants are
cranking in that tank I throw a grocery store sized
plastic bag of plants away from that tank just about
every other week.

I will admit I have not tried this while injecting CO2
so do be carefull I wouldnt want you to kill your
fish. I just dont think you may need the CO2. And who
knows that 2 DH and you still havent checked the KH
may be what is holding you back from success with your
N.taenia. Good luck.

P.S. as far as the comment about the wrestling. Yes
you have started a flame war, gonn ahave to hit you
over the head with a chair or some foreign object :)
just kidding couldnt resist. Good luck. You are
corre3ct to spare everyone else we should just add to
the subject line the spam or what ever off topic
subject we are talking about. I think John did that
and I follwed that example. Good idea.

David Sanchez

--- Colin Gorton <mr_apisto@graffiti.net> wrote:
> I don't want to use pure RO as I'm adding CO2 and
> want to be able to maintain a constant pH, which
> I've found to be easier with a small amount of
> hardness. I have a peat/black gravel substrate which
> tends to balance things up and allows the plants to
> do well. Unfortunately at the moment I've got rather
> a lot of algae on the glass but I don't want to do
> anything about it for the moment cause all the
> aquaria are still settling in after rebuilds around
> the Christmas period. Within a couple of months I'll
> have them all clean. BTW I'm using MH lights, some
> home made others shop bought. This allows me to have
> lots of floating plants, mostly Eichornia Chrasipes
> (water Hyacinth) but also lilies, Pistia Stratiotes
> (water lettuce) and several plants which are growing
> out of the water, feet in it.
> -- 
> C:-)lin
> They said "Smile, things could be worse." So I
> smiled, and sure enough...
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