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"NY" Apisto mystery

If you've been holding your breath, you can stop.
"NY" are the first two letters of NYSANTE which is the ID on the LFS tank
for some wild Apistos...10 of which I brought home last week. Is it a
location?  A made-up name?  Does it really matter anymore?

Upon investigation in Linke and Staeck's "American Cichlids I, DWARF
CICHLIDS" and the Aqualog poster of APISTOGRAMMA, I believe these fish to
(drum roll....)
young  caucatoides (wild form, no orange whatsover)
young bitaeniata.

So...can anyone give me a fool-proof way of differentiating?
(I think I know, but some of you are so much smarter about this than I'll
ever be)

Kevin Korotev-Milwaukee

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