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buffers, CO2, etc...

on 1/28/02 3:55 PM, David Sanchez at barbax2@yahoo.com wrote:

> I think you just don??t understand the relationship
> between pH and carbonic acid. There are many people
> that do not pertain to your "high tech" method for
> growing plants. There are many angles you can look at
> this and as with most data we find that data that
> supports our theories.

David, I'm glad you posted your explanation because it stimulated my brain
to think about the stuff.  So keep posting and I'm by no means trying to rip
on you here, but Erik Olson is actually correct.  You've got some ideas that
work in a practical sense, but the technical explanation is actually flawed.
I think we had this problem a few months ago with a discussion about

One other thing I noticed is that previously you referred to nitrates,
sulfates, etc... as DOC's.  I'm pretty sure DOC stands for dissolved organic
compounds.  If true, then nitrates, sulfates, etc.. aren't DOC's.  A
compound MUST have a carbon atom to be organic.

Brian Ahmer

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