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RE: Determining CO2 Concentrations in Natural Waters

> From: David Sanchez
> Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 12:43 AM

> Perhaps I shall explain this relationship in !'plain !'
> English so the rest of the group can understand. I
> think for the purposes of this audience we should
> proceed in a more practical matter...

Fine - talk down to the group I credited with some intelligence. Perhaps
they'll enjoy this condescending attitude.

So much for an "academic" discussion...

> It seems you have used allot of big words david
> but you have failed to explain anything in any
> practical sense...

Get some of your "college buds" to explain things to you - especially the
big words.

And here's some other multi-syllable words for you to work on in parting:

"I am particularly unimpressed by your lack of participation in this

And with that, I believe I'll just return to my sick bed. I think the
fever's got me hallucinating now, as I thought I could be of some


David A. Youngker

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