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Re: Wild Rams

   If these are CLUMPS of white dots it is probably Lymphocystis. That is pretty
common in wild Rams.
It will feel hard to the touch and be mostly on the EDGES of the fins.
You can see a picture of a Ram like this on this website:
(I can't remember who Ken is however).
There are a number of things recommended for treatment of this (virus) but none
of them works on a consistent basis. I lean toward the method in which you apply
Acriflavin directly to the cells (the white spots) and wait for them to
eventually fall off. This is similar to what some people recommend for
Lymphocystis in Koi. The disease DOES eventually run it's course. It seems to be
affected by some changes in water chemistry but I don't know just how.
     If, on the other hand, these are isolated white spots that do not respond
to Ich medications they may be little worm cysts (similar to Black Spot disease
in wild-caught fish). Those I would just hope will eventually go away by
themselves. I've seen these on wild Rams lately but I haven't kept any myself so
I don't know what happens to them in the long run.

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