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Another Fish I.D.

When I was in the UK at Christmas I picked up what both Pete Liptrot and I thought were simply very dull looking A. Cacatoos, labled as sp. "Peru". However, the female is now showing breeding colours and she doesn't look like any Cacatoo in breeding colours that I've seen. I know that on Cacatoo fems the lateral stripe can sometimes disappear for a short time but on this one the line is non-existent, just the spot in the middle of her flank plus black pectoral fins and the front of her dorsal is black plus the usual cheek stripe, no other markings and a very intense yellow overall, she's much more attractive than her live-in lover!
Any ideas as to what they are, I'm not convinced any more that they're Cacatoos, but then again I've not seen anything like this either!


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