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Re: Ram wigglers

Hello Del

Yes i do heat the room.  Where i live, here in the Adirondack mts in
Northern NY, the Village of Tupper Lake owns its own municipal electric
company so electric is dirt cheap.   I have a total electric apartment,
stove, fridge, hot water heater and electric heat.   I use a second
bedroom as my main fishroom.. I keep it around 78 all year round.   

Now as for the Ram wigglers... they are doing good still and now the
other pair has gone and spawned again.   This is cool... 2 breeding
pairs in the same tank.  I have to remove one of the pairs today or some
hell is gonna break loose soon in there.  

Now the next thing i found today is really awesome for me too..  2 weeks
ago while in North Boston for an aquarium auction, i stopped by the Fish
Place in North Tonowanda and came home with 2 pairs of MacMasteri Red
necks.... gorgeous fish, rivaling any Viejita II, well i found a whole
clutch of eggs in one of the corners.. nice bright red eggs and that
female is very yellow.... cool!!!!   And the tank was just a quarantine
tank until i could set up a breeding tank for each pair... this makes me
happy... And it also looks like my Aggie Red/golds have spawned along
with my Hongsloi II..... Good day in the frozen tundra!!


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