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Anomolachromis Thomasi Fry:-)

What a surprise! As some of you may know from previous posts I've found these to be some of the most aggressive, viscious little beasts I've ever had to cope with, they managed to kill half their tank mates while in quarantine and then set about each other when I got them on their own.
In the end I was left with 2 specimens and decided to separate them, putting them in separate tanks without tank mates for about a couple of months. 
Anyway, last week I needed a tank and the only one spare was one with my Anomolachromis Thomasi in. I thought that they might as well finish the job they started as I didn't want to waste the space any more, so I put them together in the same tank and "forgot about them."
Yesterday I was feeding all my tanks and caught an unexpected movement in the corner of my eye, turned round and saw hundreds of Anomolachromis Thomasi fry!
The most surprising things are;
1 The water in the tank was "old" and had received no water changes for 3-4 weeks.
2 They must have bred immediately because the fry are already about 5mm long.
3 The tank is very small (5G) and all that I've read states that they should be in a big tank.
4 They've received nothing other than "standard food," no special treatment.
5 They didn't eat the eggs/fry.
6 There are no hiding places, just gravel, no plants or rocks at all.
7 They didn't kill each other.

Just goes to show that you can try everything that you know but what matters most is what the fish know that you don't.
P.S. The water was almost black from peat, which is probably why I didn't notice the fry until yesterday.


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