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Agassizii breeding assistance needed

I have a pair in a 15 gal tank by themselves and I can't seem to find the trigger that will get them to spawn. 
They both at times look like there is some interest as the male on occasion will flare the fins and go through some body posturing.  The female will mirror the displays every now and then. 
The female is enormous; it looks like she is going to burst.  Her coloration is the drab brown with hints of yellow above and below the horizontal stripe running down her body.  I've never seen the intense yellow coloration the female is supposed to take on during breeding.
A couple of weeks ago there was a similar discussion so I checked my water parameters and found my pH a little low, 5.3, temp 78F and my TDS meter was reading about 150.  I undertook some water changes and last week I brought the TDS reading down to 97 and the pH was 5.6.  Last night I did a massive water change and the reading on the TDS meter is 55 (the reading had crept up to 117), pH is 5.75 and temp is 78F. 
Other than bringing up the pH to 6.2 or so, what else can I do to get them to spawn?  The only thing I can think of is adding some dithers.  The only fish I presently have that I feel comfortable adding from a "cleanliness"  standpoint is some Nannostomus beckfordi, and I'd rather not use them unless absolutely necessary as it looks like they are close to spawning themselves.   I don't like the idea of adding some fish I just bought from the LFS to my pair.
Any other suggestions.
Thanks as always for the great information.