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Re: Agassizii breeding assistance needed

In a message dated 3/13/2002 12:11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, barbax2@yahoo.com writes:

Now move to some of the Tetras, Killies and
catfish and then your skills as a fishkeeper begin to
be challenged. That is all good but what fish give us
the array of complex social behavior and enjoyment we
get from our wonderfull Apistos! I guess we should be
happy they are so easy to breed. I still get athrill
when I see a shoal of fry being led by a attentive
momma Apisto. I just had a group of Dicrosus I was

  Thanks for the info and Yes, I totally agree. What a thrill it is to see our fish giving birth. This week was my first birth of my Grandbaby fry. The first fish that were born from fish that I had actually bred. They are triple red cacatuoides and of course as a proud grandfish daddy I think the father is the best looking triple red I ever saw.

  Now as for the Killies and tetras and catfish. Give me time. I just started playing with bigger Cichlids. I truly breed the fish I am really attracted to the most. The bigger Cichlids will take a few years before they can even start but, I love just seeing them grow plus that will give me time to learn and be ready for them.

  I do have some Killies and catfish and even tetras that I enjoy so when I'm feeling like I have enough understanding and knowledge I'll get there. I try never to bite off more then I can chew. Although that doesn't mean it never happens.
                                                            Good night and good morning
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