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Another male aggie down!

Jerry wrote:

I was doing another water change and found a pot full of eggs in the >yellow tail agio's pot. I just got those fish the beginning of the >week. Same place Tony got his.

Well, I am sorry to report that the male double-red aggie that I bought on Sunday died. He never really looked all that healthy -- he had his fins clamped the whole time, and was very inactive. I had to put food right in his face, and even then he didn't eat with much gusto. Since the female he was with died in the store the day before I bought him, I think it was just a bad shipment or something totally out of my control.

So, now I am back to my same dilemma -- I need another red or orange male aggie to cheer up my ripe little female!

The A. trifasciata's I bought Sunday (same place / different tank) look
REALLY SUPER and seem to be totally happy in their new home. The male is displaying every time I look into the tank, but the female isn't quite ripe yet. I am going to start them on BBS tonight to see if I can speed it up!


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