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RE: The Theory of Evolution should be preached on A differ net list...

apparently you are educated but education and intelligence are two different
things: one more proof.
I'm not denying your believes: i'm trying to have you understand that you
should respect people also for what they think, which you seem not willing
to do. therefore you can continue this conversation with yourself.
Since I apparently cannot have a discussion with you, i won't be answering
any other of your post.
plus, my name is Yvan...not Yves

sorry everybody for that.
I won't write anymore about this kind of stupid things: you are suppose to
exchange words on dwarf cichlids and that is my intention now on.
thank you for your comprehension

Yvan Alleau, still not a PhD

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At 08:51 PM 3/13/02 -0800, Yves drooled:
>You do not hold the Truth: respect people believes and they'll respect you

Yves, teach your kids how to beg, they will need it.  I will stand on my
own competence, including post-doctoral work in evolution at the Universita
di Pavia under Cavalli-Sforza.

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