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RE: Apology

it is really not your fault.
This whole stuff started because some pepople are not able to listen to someone else opinion and respect that opinion eventhough they do not agree with it.
People behavior is the problem, not your post per say.
have a good day.
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I just wanted to apologize to the list for starting that whole "evolution" thread.  I was just trying to share some observations of my Rams that fit within evolutionary models.  I had no idea that "evolution" was still such a scary and controversial word. 
If you go back and read my initial post, it is quite clear that my intentions were innocent, and I in no way tried to "preach the truth of evolution".  I do think it is funny that any mention of the word "evolution" gets some people so worked up that they feel the need to share their feelings on the subject.  I also think it is funny that these anti-evolutionists post on a list discussing apistos -- a group of fishes that scientists use as an evolutionary model!!  Don't even get started on cichlids as a whole!! 
Oh well. I'll try not to use loaded words in any future posts!! :-)
PS -- If anyone has any double-red or flame tail aggies, I'm on the market to replace a male.

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