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White Seam Apistos (and a tiny bit of Evolution...)

>I was going to discuss some of the new ideas that are >forming about
evolution in apistogramma, and where they >are leading us toward
understanding speciation in this >complex genus. After reading some of the
responses, >I've decided it is best that I don't. I don't want to >offend

Well, I'd consider that an inhibition of your right to fredom of speech, and
an inhibition of my right to learn something based on supportable science.

Anyone got any experiences with the fish listed as 'White Seam' in the Romer
In with some Dicrossus from Colombia at a local outlet were four 1cm
Apistos. I had an spare tank so I picked them up to try to find out what
they were (they were very ropey, one died en route).
They appear to be the fish mentioned above, and have settled in quite
happily in a small aquarium with some leaf litter, a couple of small catfish
and an unID'd Parosphromenus for company (the labyrinth is only in there
'cos it was chasing my P. ornaticauda).
They are very attractive little fish, but obviously at this size they could
easily still turn out to be something else.
I'd welcome any suggestions or comments.

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