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Keeping A. panduro with A. agassizii?

Hi all, I promiss in this post I wont use the "E" word...

Anyhow, I am going to be purchasing and pair of aggies next week to replace the male I recently lost. That will make a trio, and will be in my 60g (48"x16.5") plant tank -- very heavily planted. I will throw in some extra caves too. I am wondering if it would be a bad idea to put in a pair of A. panduro to this tank as well... Or would a different species be better?

The tank contains 8 juvenile SAEs, 10 neons, 4 mollies and 3 A. flag fish. Conditions are pH ~6.65 (CO2 injection) and KH/GH - 5/4 -- no TDS meter yet (any good source/brand suggestions?). I am planning on putting in some DIY peat extract as well.

This is primarily a plant tank, so I do add quite a bit of fertilizers to the tank.

I am not looking to really seriously breed these fish -- I do enjoy watching the behavior and I wouldn't mind a few spawns, but I more than anything want the fish to be happy and interesting.


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