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RE: fish ID

hi eric,
i just saw your e-mail.
i'll be at the wet spot thismorning around 10am.
i'll try to make it to the club to meet with you and maybe you'll show me
your fish!
i'll e-mail you when i'm back.
thanks for contacting me.
take care

PS: sorry everybody for that personal message but i only have "from Owner
apisto..." as e-mail so...
What about if we all make sure that our personal e-mail systematically is in
signature when ywe pots?
thank you all.

Yvan Alleau
712 NW Kings Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97330
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
office (Burt 222): 737-3649, to be used wisely!
home: 738-0606


"When you're far from everything, you're getting closer to the essential"

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A. sp Glaser is the mouthbreeder? I have actually seen them at my lfs,
sounds like an upcoming purchase. Is there any more information on them you
can share? Thanks.

If you ever get to Portland on the evening of the fourth Tuesday of the
month you might want to join us at the GPAS club meeting. If you want I'd be
happy to give you details


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