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Re: DON'T LEAVE (hopefully) appropriately off-topic

In a message dated 3/16/2002 1:00:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, jonescamp@mac.com writes:

-Brad Jones

Your right Brad,
  I don't know why but, your name just sounds familiar to me.<G> Is it all right to call you Jonesie.
  But, yes it's true we do get to know each other well. When we are involved in life like sports, politics, religion we know it doesn't belong but, it's like talking back and forth to friends. We are still all friends regardless of what might sound like heated debate here.

  I had mention off list to another how even while all this was going on a few of us were making a fish deal and the parties involved were from different sides of the discussion. Funny how that works. But, that's the family thing. Glad you here Jones and glad to see the rest too.

I need these guys to learn what is right and wrong with apistos. Although my mentor has showed great strength in holding back (Mr. Zman that is) he knows when its a waste of time to try and prove our points.
                                        Have a great weekend everybody
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