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Re: Good to see ya Zack

Ok, I just did a check with my meters. The panduro are in a pH of 6.24, TDS
105ppm, temp. 76F. By the way, these guys should be making babies for you
real soon. I was looking in the tank and there are three females guarding,
one of which already has wigglers. Man, you feed 'em enough blackworms and
keep the water clean and they just can't help themselves. I don't think
they've been in that tank for more than a week.

The filamentosa that yours will be coming from are in a pH of 6.5, TDS of
75ppm, temp. 78F. For spawning them you'll want to bring the TDS and
hardness way down. That'll help with the fertilization/hatch rate and get
them in the mood. I've got a harem I just set up a couple days ago in their
own tank and they look like they'll spawn soon. I've dropped the pH down to
about 5 at the advice of some others, but I'm not sure how critical this
will be in comparison to the TDS and stuff. I've got that down to around
25ppm in the breeding tank.

Well, I'll talk to you later, got more fish to feed.


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