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Re: Good to see ya Zack

Hey Jerry, good to hear from you. I'll get back to you with the params I've
got my panduro and filamentosa in for you so you'll be ready for them.

Fish are all doing great. Got a few spawns I'm growing out. Looks like those
Dehane will spawn this week. I finally got around to doing some water
changes with RO. I've got them upstairs right now and they just had tap.
I've done a couple water changes and pumped the RO upstairs. They've colored
up really nicely and are doing their courting thing. Shouldn't be long now.

Other fish are doing good too, but I'm still waiting for my cacatuoides to
evolve into something more valuable like diplotaenia or elizabethae or T.
candidi. With all the spawns I've been getting out of them I've got my hopes
up. ;P



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