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Re: Evolution in a microcosm

What surprised me years ago is the fact that fish, chickens, and humans are
all indistinguishable from each other at early embryonic stages of
development.  Gill structures develop and undevelop in both humans and
chickens.   Makes one wonder a bit why this would occur without some
underlying common ancestry.  I believe I saw this information in a sixth
grade science class book.  I suppose any of our contemporary superstitions
would label this as heresy as it does not properly reinforce the philosophic
explanations of our ancestors.

But, what do any of us really know for sure.  My head still hurts when I
wonder why anything exists anyway.  The best explanation I have ever heard
was an Episode of Red Dwarf dealing with "Silicon Heaven".

Stan A. Rogge

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> I don't know why some feel the need to shy away from this subject. I agree
> with others who consider this an enjoyable discussion. We're all adults
> and should be able to handle some intelligent discussion of a very pivotal
> idea. The occurrence of macro-evolution or the lack thereof is very
> prevalent with regards to our Apistos. It affects how we identify or
> understand the relation of our fish--whether what we have is really a new
> species in a chain or whether it is just a variation of a pre-existing
> species. Whether we go into the examination of a fish with the
> notion that we must fit the fish into our evolutionary model affects how
> identify our fishes.
> I find it interesting that it is the proponents of macro-evolution who
> felt it necessary to bring in religion. Those of us capable of offering an
> intelligent discussion about the occurrence of macro-evolution have yet to
> mention religion. I have only given reasons why I don't accept evolution
> haven't stated any affiliation to an alternative religion from evolution.
> far the biggest lack of education or intelligence I have seen comes from
> other side. I wonder how well anyone understands the alternatives, or do
> they just believe in their religion of evolution because that is all they
> have taken the time to study? I have studied evolution in-depth and at
> length and find no merit in it.
> Most of what has been offered in favor of macro-evolution has been devoid
> substance or evidence in favor, but rather has simply attacked alternative
> views with simplistic dogma. I don't agree with the ideas of
> for many well-thought-out reasons and therefor differ in my opinions of
> constitutes the identification of a new species. I am happy to discuss
> others who can behave like adults the logic of my views. If you're not
> interested in this subject, there are other threads and you don't have to
> read this one. If you are interested, whether as a contributor or
> you're free to participate.
> Regards all,
> Zack Wilson
> losing more and more respect for Ph.D's.
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