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I've already posted it to the SACSG list, but I thought people might be
interested to know that last night my  N. adoketa eggs hatched.
They were laid Monday evening, and so have only taken 72 hours to hatch,
although earlier reports suggest much longer. This may have been because the
young hatch in a very under-developed state, and if they hadn't actually
fallen off the leaf I would have thought I still just had eggs. I don't know
whether this is  normal for this sp., time will tell.
I believe that they actually started hatching yesterday morning, as before I
left for work I had noticed that a couple had fallen off, thought I saw a
movement, but just assumed it was caused by the airstone.
I hope I can rear all these, but I would like to farm some of them out to
friends so that if I have a mishap there are some left.
I stopped counting when I got to 70, so there's enough to work with.
If all goes well some of them will be going transatlantic this year, so
y'all keep your fingers crossed.


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