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Re: blackworms

Hey guys/gals,
I agree with the majority I think in saying that I use them(blackworms) prob every couple months, give some variety and the fish love them. I've used them quite a few times with all kinda dwarfs, killifish, cory's etc. All scooping them up as soon as they can, and I haven't had one problem concerning them. To be honest with the apisto's I seem to have the same luck of spawning with bloodworms(frozen) or blackworms. I would think the live food would give an edge, but it doens't seem like it. And 1lb doesn't last that long as someone else stated. It all depends on how many fish you plan on using it on. Cause you can burn through a pound in  a couple weeks.  I do keep them extremely clean during the process, that could be a big factor. G'nite!
Mike Chappell
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Great food for
conditioning fish!!


You mean the blackworms are for the fish?:)
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