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Re: blackworms

 FWIW, at those times when I have an R/O unit in continuous operation, I
run the waste water over my worm container. I use the blue, nesting worm
keeper box and drill a few holes a bit below the rim of the outer box so
that water drains out instead of overflowing, and keep it right in the
sink with the waste water hose running into it. Worms kept like this are
amazingly healthy and will live for weeks and weeks. They grow... which
puzzles me because I don't feed them (actually, their growing kinda
makes me wonder what's in my water supply!). The only caution is that
when the carbon pre-filter on the R/O is replaced, the waste water is
unsuitable for worms for about a day... it becomes so alkaline that it
can kill the worms in a matter of minutes.
 When I've kept worms in the fridge and just rinsed them a couple of
times a day, I found they'd do better if I added a drop of dechlorinator
after I rinsed.
 They are probably my favorite food after mosquito larvae and live
bloodworms... and the fish like them quite well, too!


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