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Re: Reconstituting RO/DI Water/ RO Water comes in at 5.5pH

My city water comes from a well. dH is about 15 and it is high in KH as well (also 15). The water comes out of the tap at around 7.2 but it rises within hours to 7.8 and sometimes near 8.0. Yeach!

So for the black water fish that I love, r/o is the only efficient way to get my pH down to "normal" (read as "six-oh").

By the way, I invested in a quart of 7.0 and of 4.0 solutions, so I now have enough to calibrate my pH meter whenever I question the reading... (like when I find fish swimming contently with a reading in the low 3's!).


At 06:26 PM 3/25/2002, you wrote:
Randy.....Damn interesting, I'll get this chemistry down yet..........where
does you water start at???....pH wise...............


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