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There's luck and Luck

I can't remember who posted about giving up on Aggies, but I know the feeling, I've had the same problems with Rams, Cacatoos and Aggies. I've called it a day trying to keep Rams, they always seem to be the first to let me know that I've got a disease in one of my tanks, cause the turn up their little toes quicker than anything else. I've had a couple of pairs that either bred or were about to breed but both times one or other of the pair keeled over too soon. At present I've got 2 females left from the two pairs that I imported at Christmas. These were my 5th and 6th pairs to fail:-(.
As far as Cacatoos are concerned I've had4 pairs that have failed to survive and with Aggies 3 pairs. Having said that I've got another pair of Aggies in quarantine at the moment (a very beautiful pair of Santarem Aggies) that I just couldn't ignore and when the quarantine tank is free again I'll be getting a male Cacatoo for my lonesome female.
On the bright side I've had a lot of success with the more "difficult" or "unusual" (sometimes the same) Apistos, so I can't complain too loudly. I think this'll be the last try with Cacatoos but I want to find a male or two Rams that won't die because they really are one of my favourites.


They said "Smile, things could be worse." So I smiled, and sure enough...

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