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Re: There's luck and Luck

Hello Colin

Everyone seems to have a nemisis fish that give them fits..... but also
remember that its always possible that you have had uncompatable pairs
of fish.... i have this young pair of triple red cacatuoides that i
picked up in november in cleveland at the OCA extravaganza that turned
out to be grandkids from my own line of fish... now this pair is
spawning for me like convicts where as my other pair was starting to
give me fits.....   I also have a pair of Aggie Alenquers thats giving
me fits at the moment but have brothers and sisters that are spawning
fairly regular in a huge community tank....  I now also have Rams that
are spawning like convicts for me where as in the past Rams were the
fish i couldnt spawn... of course i think the line of fish that i got
from Al in pittsburgh is truly awesome lookiing and very prolific... if
you need rams that WANT to spawn , give Al a buzz....  I presently have
2 pairs of rams and both are spawning for me..... My Ram problems are
over....   My present problem fish is Panduro..... i cant get a pair
that likes each other then spawn for me.... Im down to 2 females and no
males.... Im looking for some of those at the NEC workshop in 2 weeks in
Hartford CT.

Keep the chin up and be patient.... just when you're about to give up on
your fish Colin, they'll spawn for you.


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