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New fry and adult food-free samples

Hi all,
I'm giving out free samples of our new line of fry and adult Dwarf Cichlid/Discus foods.
We tested the fry food on our latest batch of M.ramirezi and A.trifasciata fry.The fry took to it after one week of freeswimming.The growth rates are as good if not better then rearing with Baby Brine Shrimp.We'll also offer a 3mm pellet food for Dwarf Cichlids and Discus .I currently testet it on my 10 juvenile Discus and on different Apistogramma species/forms:).My Discus really seem to like the food .Our adult Rams are going nuts for the food.E-mail m.gallade@hotmail.com for your free samples til supplies last.

Take care

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