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Re: snacking viejetas

Hello John

My Viejita II pair are really good parents.   I leave the fry in with
the parent for about 3 weeks before i remove them to a grow out tank. I
also feed baby brine shrimp into the tank with the parents and fry and
the parents eat the bbs as well as the fry does... I dont see any
noticable smaller group of fry after feeding the tank with bbs or any
other foods i feed to my adults... the adults get some frozen
bloodworms, tetra color bits and flake food on a varied pattern.   Never
the same food each day. But the tank always gets bbs each day.... I only
remove the fry from the tank, actually i leave the fry and move the
parents to a newly set up breeding tank.   I really prefer never to have
to move the fry if i dont have to.... i figure the adults will withstand
the change to a new tank much better then the fry will.   I move the
parents when i think the fry are doing fine on their own and when i also
think that maybe the parents might be getting ready to spawn again.

Hope this helps you out John


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