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Re: snacking viejetas

[Mike Wise]
If your viejita eggs disappear after 1 day, I think they are not fertile for
some reason. The female will know this after a day & eat them. Either your
is "shooting blanks" or something about your water conditions are wrong. It
takes more than soft, acidic, water. It also needs low concentrations of
organics & possibly certain metals. Zinc in low concentrations, for example,
known to prevent egg fertilization by milt in trout. If you are not doing
now, try larger & more frequent water changes & see if this helps. Good

[John McCrone]
Water is RO and other apisto species have hatched in it with no problem.

The pair have just spawned this evening and male looks well behaved -
cruising around at a distance. So I'll leave him in and see what gives in
the morning.

from John McCrone

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