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Re: NEC Workshop

NEC:  NorthEast Council of Aquarium Societies.

At least 20 aquarium societies from the New Jersey to Maine belong to this organization and they have a big weekend event each Spring. They fly in speakers, they give out awards for accomplishments like best article (etc) among all the federated clubs. And they have a big auction on Sunday.

I really like what they do with this event. Unlike the ACA, they focus on the entire aquarium hobby. For instance, this year Erik Olson ( an old-timer on this list) is being flown across the country to speak on photographing planted tanks. Were it only 12 hours away for me, I'd drive to it every year.

Here is their link:  http://www.northeastcouncil.org


At 08:57 PM 4/11/2002, you wrote:
What does NEC stand for? Around here it means Nippon Electric Company


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