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Re: NEC Workshop

We will be having 4 workshops at this years ACA convention in Atlanta,GA, on
Saturday along with the normal speakers.

David Herlong - Fish Photography
Ray MaCaleb - Gadgets and Gizmos for the fishroom
Vickie Burnley - Fish Disease and Diagnosis
Dominic Isla - Putting on a Workshop for your Aquarium Society

Dr. George Barlow - Mouth Brooding Cichlids
Ad Konings - Tanganyika
Julia Mann - Discus
Lee Newman - Juripari
Steve Somermeyer - Malawi
Jack Wattley - Discus
 Rusty Wessel - Central American
Mike Wise - Apistos

For more information, see http://www.aca2002.com/

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From: "Randy Carey" <carey@spacestar.net>
> NEC:  NorthEast Council of Aquarium Societies.
> At least 20 aquarium societies from the New Jersey to Maine belong to this
> organization and they have a big weekend event each Spring.  They fly in
> speakers, they give out awards for accomplishments like best article (etc)
> among all the federated clubs.  And they have a big auction on Sunday.
> I really like what they do with this event.  Unlike the ACA, they focus on
> the entire aquarium hobby.  For instance, this year Erik Olson ( an
> old-timer on this list) is being flown across the country to speak on
> photographing planted tanks.  Were it only 12 hours away for me, I'd drive
> to it every year.
> Here is their link:  http://www.northeastcouncil.org
> --Randy

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