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A.sp papagei / Parrot

Wow - that is gorgeous. And it certainly ain't the one I've got! I really have
to buy the Romer atlas. I was thinking that my fish was just A. cruzi, and I'm
more certain now. I was just wondering as I bought it as A. sp. galaxis when
they were fry. However, I will try to borrow a digital camera and get some pics
out. I'm a little stretched at the moment though, cos I'm moving in 5 weeks.

With regards to the A. sp. pulchra 'Wilhelmi', my face is a little red there. If
anyone remembers, I had put the Apistogrammoides in with them. Well, it turns
out that the Apistogrammoides had nematodes. So I'm treating the entire tank
with Tramisol.

I'm praying all turns out ok.

Dominic (who always manages to rip defeat out of the jaws of success)

Three Guys Aquatics wrote:

> Well Dominic,
> Here's a shot I took just now of my wild papagei male, you can take a look
> at this for a reference if needed.  Hope it helps - let me know if you need
> pics of the female also.
> http://www.threeguysaquatics.com/pics/papagei.jpg
> Yep..I got some of those F1 fry on the way:) hehe They treat me good if I
> keep them calmed down. The female is the most defensive apisto I've kept,
> not sure if it's in the species, or just my pair don't like each other:)
> Once they spawn, better take the male out for a week or so, then she'll be
> fine with him, otherwise she has him pinned to the corner of the tank by the
> morning after the spawn.
> G'nite
> Mike Chappell

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