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Re: Mike's Database Please!

>>>by Bill Vannerson 04/9/2002
Since you asked ...
I'd like to see 2 text files, either fixed length or comma separated format. 
Table 1 would be the main table with five fields:
Genus - Species    (i.e., A. borellii)
Table 2 would be the locaiton table with three fields:
Location                (like the killies)
I would then convert it into an Access table and from there, import it into my Palm Vx using HanDbase database application.  I did this with the Killifish Master File IV produced by Dr. Ken Lazara, which actually took some doing as I converted the web pages found on the Arizona Rivulin Keepers web site (http://ark.killi.net/).  However, it doesn't have location code data, which is published in Wild Collections of Killifish by Roger W. Langdon, so I'm missing that portion of the data.  I have written Roger about integrating his data into my database, but he has not responded yet. 
Mike, I'd be happy to send you a sample copy of these files for you to see the structure (simple, really).  But I can't make it available to everyone as it's copyrighted material and I cannot distribute it without the author's permission.
Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL