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Hi y'all,

My trifasciata female has eggs finally!  But
I am puzzled about the appearance of the
eggs.  They are very small and dark instead
of magenta colored.  Can someone tell me how
incubating apisto eggs supposed to look like?

She has been excavating under her flower pot
for almost a week in soft clean water (dGH =
1.5, pH = 6.5).  I could no longer stand the
suspense and lifted the pot up when she was
away.  I thought she was fooling me again.
But this time I confirmed that one side of
her pot was covered with dark spots.  They
did not look like the eggs she laid (and ate)
months ago.  The previous eggs were magenta
colored and large.  These ones I saw a few
minutes ago were dark and very small.
Although I have seen just laid eggs, wigglers
and free swimmers many a time with my
productive borellii, I have never seen apisto
eggs incubating for a few days so I have no
idea if they are even viable or not.  They
were not white and fungused.  Mother fish is
still excavating the pot and tending the
eggs.  So I am going to let her keep them for
a week or so.

I hope someone can enlighten me on this.



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