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Re: Trifasciata

Thank you Mike!  I am starting to wonder if anyone noticed
my post.  The wise man on the list for the rescue again!

I  certainly hope that they are new larvae.  Yes, they are
dark and smaller than the eggs.  I vaguely remember that I
might have seen one of my young borellii female guarding
something like these before.

The mother fish is still guarding the little dark things and
they are all on the side of the flower pot in a loose
cluster just where I expect the eggs to be.  Daphnia and
grindal worms the mom used to collect are still on the
bottom of the excavated pit under the flower pot, alive and
moving.  I doubt my female is guarding pin head size
ramshorn snails, although it is a possibility with a
collector like her.

I have had some time with these trifasciata trio, arriving
11 days late via priority mail in early November (the
aftermath of 9/11) in icy cold water to start with.  They
spawned before but lost their eggs.  Then I tried soft
water, medium hard water, low pH, higher pH, etc., etc.

Hope she will reward me with some free swimming fry soon.


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