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RE: Weird looking Ram

whatever that is it shouldn't be sold but destroyed! Nobody should buy that stuff! what the heck people are thinking about when doing such things!
can that even be possible ! i have trouble beliving this as those fish are so different! and anyway, i don't see a Ram fertilising a angel eggs and vis-versa!
could you send a picture?
c ya

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  Hey I was at a LFS today and they had an M. Ram which was supposed to be crossed with an Angel Fish. Man you had to see it to believe it. No, I didn't buy any. I have enough fish right now and 2 auctions coming up in the next month. I have to show some self control. Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

  You could tell it was a Ram but, the body was bigger and rounder like the Bolivian (alpist-Whatever). And the dorsal was extended up and back like a long streamy looking thing. The caudal was kind of long and the pelvic and anal reminded me of what you might see on a geophagus brazilias(sp?).

  Spelling has been a weak point of mine and I don't get much help from AOL's spell checker. Hope you all get my drift anyhow. What a strange site it was.

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