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RE: Weird looking Ram

I had seen photos of this about 6 months or so ago.  It was very strange looking.  I don't know if it is true hybrid or just a genetic mutation (like a balloon molly).  You could tell it was a Ram and hand long fins and a deformed body.  I'll see if I can track down where I saw it.  I think it might have been on some sort of overseas mailing list. I guess we now have the next Blood Parrot in the shops. 
Mike in KC
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  Hey I was at a LFS today and they had an M. Ram which was supposed to be crossed with an Angel Fish. Man you had to see it to believe it. No, I didn't buy any. I have enough fish right now and 2 auctions coming up in the next month. I have to show some self control. Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

  You could tell it was a Ram but, the body was bigger and rounder like the Bolivian (alpist-Whatever). And the dorsal was extended up and back like a long streamy looking thing. The caudal was kind of long and the pelvic and anal reminded me of what you might see on a geophagus brazilias(sp?).

  Spelling has been a weak point of mine and I don't get much help from AOL's spell checker. Hope you all get my drift anyhow. What a strange site it was.

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