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Re: apistos for the beginner

In a message dated 4/30/2002 8:24:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, apisto99@hotmail.com writes:

I'm currently keeping a trio of A. Mamore in a planted 29 gallon tank.  It
looks like I might be lucky enough to receive another 29 gallon tank as a
hand-me-down, and I was wondering which apistos you all thought would be
good for a relative novice to keep.  Up until now, I have had 3 Mamore
spawns (no fry, but happily working on it!) - so while I'm still starting
out, I feel like I'm at least heading down the right path.

  I can see the disease is starting to rear it's ugly head it's a progressive disease and you seem to be showing signs of having it yes, Adam I think your an Apistoholic. Don't worry Adam. It's not your fault it's inherited and the things you do while under the influence of this disease are just as if you were insane. We here at the list will help you as much as possible. Just take it one day at a time and all will be wellâ....anyhow beginner Apistos I think most people like to talk about Cacatuoides and Borellii as good beginners but, if you've already had some Rio Mamore spawn I think I'd try to figure out why you don't have any fry first so you don't end up that way with whatever new Apisto you go with. Maybe you could just start with A for Agassizii and work your way through the alphabet. Well, good luck with you choice. I'm around if you do need real help. I just can't help being a nut sometimes.
                                                       Take care

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