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Re: little bit of subject

In a message dated 5/4/2002 12:59:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time, yalleau@coas.oregonstate.edu writes:

Yvan Alleau

Totally agree.
When all the hard work is done and a lot of the lights are out I sit on one of 5 gallon buckets...yes with the lid on...and just watch I kind of creep around the room to see who's doing what.
I just recently got a 160 gallon tank to raise some Bigger Fish. You should see where I'm putting that. Lets just say some people go to bed with a TV on in front of them. Well, when I go to bed at night I will be watching the Tang and Malawi Big Guys just like Very BIG Screen TV when I wake I will wake just like the TV was left on over night. I plan to put some of those little either red or blue led lights in so you can actually see fish at night.
Yes, I know a little off topic Just letting you
people see how crazy I really am...and guess what I love it....
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