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Hi Ray

I`m George from Montreal who is spawning the elizabethae.

I been breeding them for  1 & 1/ 2 years now.

I have the pair in a 15 gallon tank,with gravel ,plants, coconut shells and a
box filter

I use R.O water 80% and the rest is tap,which isn`t that hard  either (120 ppm,
PH 7.0)

P.H is under 6.0 and hardness is around 20 ppm

The spawning  part was very easy for me,but keeping the fry`s alive was very

At first I had a very high date rate of fry`s,over 90%

The hardest part for me, is that the fry`s are very delicate to water
changes,the first 2-3 months

Very small water changes

I did breed the off spring once so far,only  8 fry`s

Good Luck


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